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I sat in a chair tied naked, which is fully dressed in a blouse, skirt and boots. which to mock me You walk toward me with a devilish look on his face, surrounded me, I threw back his head to kiss me, hitting a light brush in my hand cock, making fun of a bitch. away from me, that, standing, legs monstercockland akimbo, with his back to me by lifting her skirt joke about knee-high boots stockings revealing, but not the pants, which look over his shoulder at all open, rock -laden legs in turn, runs her hands over the socks boots from her pussy to tease you, the finger so hot, his lips are bright it is in their mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm'ing taste, like licking her pussy juices my finger, two fingers of the time, but walking towards me, pussy fingering, running on the upper lip to the smell of hand from under his nose before brush on my penis, so it is shaken once again, his fingers again.. Circulating ask me againIng me what I want. solve the two buttons of her blouse showing cleavage. front of me still feels tight, slide your right hand, the band of her skirt to her pussy, I just saw the expression on his face, the mouth of all, your eyes stareing me, make fun of you and your stroke clit, boobs rough, heavy breathing I can only imagine her fingers explore her pussy as you build your soft moans and breathing more difficult to imagine in your lips, arched back, as I finger fucking her, but is only a tomadura hair, stop yourself. up, walking towards me inches away from me, that bend and stoop, legs open, lifted her skirt, boots and population tops to show their spread her pussy open inch of me, you fucking bitch. I can almost taste, smell you, so close this time sliding her fingers inside, but not lame, I know, that forces them to my mouth. You smile, knowing that his power over me ' You want it,' asked ask 'Yese ', I reply ' Close your eyes, ' you say, Little by little legs to relieve the bridge and I forced my head, monstercockland I kissed her neck, down on my cock, kissing on the mouth, hard, no move to kiss the cock in her, my cock twitching, contracting the muscles seize up on me, bitch. knees, lower your mouth on my cock, a tongue pulled on the button , which I like, I stroked the ball, move your finger in the ass, I deeply, slowly getting faster, a hand reaches into his lap, rubbing her clit while sucks, you complain as you want sucks, but I do, want to cum in her pussy, getting you down on me, forced her to break her blouse, the division in the face, while her pussy turn on me, twisted me monstercockland inside you, you begin to fuck kiss me as I kissed continuousely, fuck deep passion languages ​​, throbbing cock in you, you love me faster and faster, complains monstercockland one more kiss,I push into you faster and faster until they both cum, writhing slowly kiss cum still running on my balls. and forced the head back, you plant a kiss on the forehead out as you walk away, just to tease me more under her skirt, bends, your pussy, cum on you bright, teasing that three fingers sliding in have within our mix and suck their fingers. My penis is covered in our semen. You are sitting in front of me, legs crossed, tease her nipples under the bra, crossing and uncrossing your legs, bitch teasing, I want to fuck you hard- Sun You lean over the back of the sofa, boots, stockings, a blouse, her ass is still in sight, leg monstercockland tease, bitch. You look over your shoulder, I'm going !!!!! the strings on the ground before the turn, forcing the head down, my turn now !!!!. open is pushed into the couch of his monstercockland legs back to see her pussy, my tongue starts to lick our juices, my tongue had fallen from the lipss ass, probing teasing, lost a finger to tease ass before sliding two fingers into her pussy and fuck, I like to lick the clitoris, almost running, to the point, stop, i, what about doggy slides easily for you, I get to monstercockland hell, to reach hard to collect around my balls, I like to fuck. 'Damn bitch, you pay monstercockland for your teasing ways, I'll catch and shoot my cum in her throat' monstercockland shot by the hair, like shit, sweat, faster and faster until it is ready to quickly turn the wheel around zero, on his knees to get my milk in her throat, kissing mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm with my cum in her mouth and teasing exchange, I mount, slowly this time we kiss my semen shit in your mouth, slowly fucking and monstercockland kissing, caressing his face and looked into his eyes as they cum
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Samedi 12 mai 6 12 /05 /Mai 20:17

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